Get your money back, of your investment in Spain

Con aval y sin aval bancario

About the bank guarantees

Banks that lend money to developers for housing construction, have a legal obligation to issue guarantees for buyers who made payments on account of future housing. This requirement ensures investment by individuals in the case of the homes not to be built. Whether the bank or emitiese or endorsement they are responsible for it.


Your Defense

We can retrieve all the amounts paid in advance, EVEN IF NO GUARANTEE. Our legal team under the most strict law provides the legal tools necessary for buyers even as a cooperative, and claiming to be returned all amounts paid in advance for the purchase of a home.


Even without bank guarante

Therefore we get a refund even when there hasnt been any bank guarantee


Each case is different

Each case is different, and to ensure recovery it is necessary to a previous study.


The first ones

We are one of the first in Spain to claim payments on account in unfinished homes.


How we can help to recover the amounts invested?



Study of the judicial viability of your business without obligation or coste


Valoraremos la viabilidad de cualquier acción judicial


We will inform you in detail about our strategy


All under the supervision of a team of lawyers specialized in estate matters


What makes us different is that we are able to see a solution where others see a problem.

Fernando Ollero

Ferrero Abogados