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Elite International Law Firm

This is an office where we are committed to quality with a clear orientation towards professional excellence. This commitment is supported by strong ethical and moral principles which allow us to provide legal solutions.


Quick response and anticipation

We offer full availability and predictability. We understand that flexibility is fundamental for success. We are committed to give an answer within 24 hours.

Responsible partner

Case management and responsibility lies with a partner who designates the work to relevant specialists in the team as well working directly with the case themselves.

Knowledge Management

We have a knowledge management system that allows us to control all information relating our clients and have it available at our fingertips.


Flexibility and adaptability

Our relationships with every client is based on trust, honesty and empathy. Our aim is to offer a personalised service.



Our work is guided by strict ethical principles and their own code of professional conduct to ensure the transparency and independence of our actions.es.


We have over 20 years experience in legal services, specialising in matters which provide a real service to our customers.

Legal Areas

Quantity Claims

Real Estate Buying and Selling

Demands for Unfair Terms

Demandas por Swap

Demandas por Swap

Civil and Commercial Law

Whatever the nature and complexity of the dispute, we have lawyers, the experience and the resources to resolve it. We advise our clients to try to avoid litigation, whilst strengthening their position should it arise. We seek pragmatic solutions to the conflict based on understanding the business issues of our customers.

Real Estate Law

Our Department of Real Estate Law has over 25 years of top quality experience in all aspects of real estate including representation of buyers, real estate agents, real estate brokers, developers, builders, architects. Therefore we are able to provide advice and practice in the following areas: Advice on buying property. Drafting, monitoring and negotiating real estate contracts, planning permission application and supervision… Furthermore, we can advise on lawsuits arising from the existence of construction defects, drainage and sanitation issues, or due to the existence of faults or dilapidation as regulated by the Law on Construction Planning. We can also advise on the liability of all parties involved in the construction process: Developer, Builder, Architects.

Banking Law

Our Department of Banking and Commercial Law has extensive experience in defending bank customers. The different courts where we file lawsuits are exonerating our clients from unfairly detrimental contracts and are forcing banks to refund any amounts unjustly charged. Let us know your case and without any commitment, we can give you a quick, safe response on its liability.

Family Law/ Divorce

The Department of Family Law has extensive experience in advising on issues of Divorces, Separations, Civil Partnerships, Annulments, Settlements, Child Support, Guardianship and Custody, Visitation, Changes in Law, Liquidating Assets, Paternity Testing, Disability Rights.


Administrative Procedures and Administrative Litigation – Proceedings before Tax Agency – Report Preparation – Administrative and judicial review procedures. Liability of Public Administrative and judicial review procedures.

Urban Planning

Our firm has a large team of lawyers with extensive experience in urban development and its implications on environmental legislation( including urban design issues relating to supermarkets, retail stores, retail parks, regional and provincial shopping center, offices, business, parks,residential, leisure facilities). Our experience includes advice on developing tools for planning, urban management and planning in collaboration with architects and engineers; reclassification of urban land, ongoing advice on obtaining licenses, authority and administrative concessions for all kinds of activities.

Golden Visa

We are experts in advising on foreign investment and obtaining the Golden Visa.

Industrial Law

Our team of attorneys dedicated to industrial Law is comprised of professionals with the highest qualification, training and experience in labour laws, social security, collective bargaining, pensions and human resources. We cover every aspect of this particularly sensitive area of practice in business, in order to help our clients organise their labour relations according to their specific needs. The most important services in Industrial Law are: Employment Contracts, Recruitment of Senior Managers, covenants of Exclusivity, Non Competition, Confidentiality, Foreigners, Collective Level Covenants and Agreements, Strike, Lockout, Audit and Labor Social Security, Transmission/Succession Comprany, Individual Dismissals, Records Changing Working Conditions Collective, Collective Transfers.